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The Tournament List

Here is a brief (and easliy printable!) list of every licensed Button Man in the universe, and whether that character is legal in tournaments. This list is changing all the time, and the current draft is always available at

Please be aware that every tournament is different, and in fact we encourage you to run tournaments with different lists than the one given here. This is only meant as a jumping-off point, a list of those buttons we think are fair enough to play with.

If you have suggestions for why certain Button Men should be on or off this list, we want to hear them. Basically, we want to make sure that people who want a fair game can get one!

In roughly chronological order, the Tournament Legal Button Men are:

Button Men Soldiers: All 12 commons, but not Changeling. This includes Avis, Hammer, Bauer, Stark, Clare, Kith, Karl, Iago, Niles, Shore, Hannah, and Kublai.

Sanctum: All 4: Dracha, Ogi, Fingle, and Ngozi.

Lunch Money: All 7, including the rare. This includes Charity, Prudence, Hope, Chastity, Faith, Temperance, and Patience.

Button Men Vampires: All 6: Angel, Buddy, Dunkirk, Starchylde, McGinty, and Tiffany.

Legend of the Five Rings: All 12: Crab, Crane, Dragon, Lion, Mantis, Naga, Phoenix, Ronin, Scorpion, Unicorn, Mirumoto, and Kakita.

Button Men BROM: All 14, including the Rares. This includes Coil, Bane, Lucky, Shepherd, Peace, Crusher, Grist, Wastenott, Reaver, Jellybean, Bluff, Strik, Echo, and Giant. (Echo and Giant need special care.)

Misc. 1999 Buttons: Bunnies and Lab Rat, no. Brigid and O-Lass: yes. Zeppo: Yes. Eiko and Wu Lan: yes. Buzzing Weasel: yes. James Ernest: heck, no. Dirgo and Flaire: yes. Poly and Adam Spam: yes. Fuzzface: yes.

Button Men BRAWL: All 6 commons, but not Sydney. This includes Bennett, Chris, Darwin, Hale, Morgan, and Pearl.

Buttonlords: All 8: Arthur, Mordred, Lancelot, Gawaine, Morgan, Guenever, Nimue, and Merlin.

Studio Foglio: All except Winslow and the rare, James. This includes Phil, Dixie, Growf, Buck,, Brigid, O-Lass, Agatha, Krosp, Klaus, Von Pinn, Bang, and Gil

Sailor Moon 1: All 12. Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus, Tuxedo Mask, Queen Beryl, Zoycite, Jedite, Nephlite, Malachite, and Shadow Warriors.

Button Men Freaks: All 4. Max, Mister Peach, Simon, and Werner.

Button Men Fantasy: All 14, including rares. This includes Luce, Frasquito, Lark, Theophilus, Mischa, Chang, Aldric, Elihu, Farrell, Nikolai, Cesare, Vincent, Nightmare, and Socrates.

Button Men Dork Victory: All 6. Bill, Carson, Gilly, Igor, Ken, and Matt.

Sailor Moon 2: All 12. Luna / Artemis, Wicked Lady, Queen Serenity, Rubeus, Princess Serena, Sapphire, Rini, Wiseman, Neo-Queen Serenity, Prince Diamond, King Endymion, and Emerald.

Bruno: All 4. Bruno, Pappy, Synthia, and the GM.

Misc. 2000 Buttons: Gordo: no. Social Class: yes. Tirade: no. Tess: yes. Guillermo: yes. Ginzu and Gratch: yes. Bush, Gore, and Cthulhu: yes. Me am ORK: yes. Nerni and Yeti: yes. Sven and Yseulte: yes. Japanese Beetle and Flying Squirrel: yes. Howling Wolf and White Tiger: yes.

Sluggy Freelance: All 6. Aylee, Bun-Bun, Kiki, Riff, Torg, and Zoë.

Samurai: All seven, including the rare. Honzo, Konami, Okaru, Sadakuro, Tonase, Yuranosuke, and Tsusuko.

Misc. 2001 Buttons: Catfight Girls: yes. Jorgi: yes. The Effster and the Fictitious Alan Clark: yes.

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