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Button Men: Studio Foglio

Release Date: March, 2000

Set Size: 13 Buttons, 1 Rare

Publisher: Studio Foglio

Designer: James Ernest

Artists: Phil and Kaja Foglio

New Rules: Twin Dice, W Swing, the Winslow.

Details: Studio Foglio produced several sets of Button Men in the Spring of 2000. There is one tri-pack of What's New buttons (Phil, Dixie, and Growf), one two-Pack of Buck Godot buttons (Phil and the Winslow), one two-pack of XXXenophile buttons (the same pair Cheapass Games produced in the previous year) and three two-packs from Girl Genius.

Rare: James.

Design Notes: Twin Dice were created for Studio Foglio. The W Swing, more restricted than any Swing Die which preceeded it, was used to keep Twin Swing Dice from growing larger than 24 total sides. Also new in these sets was the Winslow Button, not a Button Man itself but a fixed 30-sided die which always shows a "1" and moves back and forth between both players' live dice. The Winslow has given rise to more rules questions than any other Button Man in history, and Cheapass Games usually disavows any knowledge of it.

The most important thing to remember about the Winslow, not that he exists mind you, is that he doesn't take on the characteristics of the Swing Die he replaces. Someone using Dunkirk with Winslow in place of his Shadow Swing does not have a Shadow Winslow. That's just too ugly for words.

What's New! Die 1 Die 2 Die 3 Die 4 Die 5 Special?
Phil 8 8 (10,10) 20 X
Dixie 4 6 10 (12,12) X
Growf (4,4) 6 8 12 X
Buck Godot
Buck (6,6) 10 12 20 (W,W)
Winslow He's a very strange die.
Brigid 8 8 X X X
O-Lass 6 12 X X X
Girl Genius
Agatha 4 6 (8,8) 20 X
Krosp 4 (6,6) 12 12 X
Klaus 4 (p10,p10) 20 20 W
Von Pinn 4 (p6,p6) 10 20 W
Bang (p4,p4) 6 12 12 X
Gil 8 8 (p8,p8) 20 X
James 4 (8,8) (10,10) 12 (W,W) Not Tournament Legal


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